Work Whispering: Do I Need It?

You’ve heard about the horse whisperers and dog whisperers who take a problem animal, apply their training and behavioral expertise, and everyone’s happy in the end? I do work whispering, applying my legal training and everything I know about workplace behavior to your toxic workplace situation.

You might need Work Whispering if…

  • You were fired or laid off and don’t know what to do next.
  • You’ve been harassed and don’t know whether to report it.
  • You just received a warning or are on disciplinary status and not sure if you’re at risk.
  • You’re not sure whether what happened to you violates the law, or even if it does, what to do next.
  • You have talked to an employment lawyer or two, but can’t decide whether you want to file a lawsuit.
  • You’re still working through the aftermath of losing your job, such as how you describe what happened to you.
  • You’re barely tolerating a bullying boss or a dysfunctional department and are not sure how much more you can take.
  • You need a reality check because what’s happening at work is so bizarre that you don’t even know where to begin.
  • Your significant other/friends/family members are tired of hearing about your job and want to hear an action plan.

Work whispering can help with any workplace-related situation that is holding you back in your career and keeping you from performing your very best.

Work Whispering addresses common workplace dilemmas

  • Feel like you’re making an already-screwed-up work situation worse?
  • Tired of spinning your wheels navigating a new world where you don’t have a job?
  • Wondering if you mishandled a work situation and there’s something you should be doing about it?
  • Have a new boss or significant change in your department, and your good job situation has suddenly gone bad?
  • Don’t know what is supposed to happen next or what to say when dealing with a workplace investigation or disciplinary process?
  • Trying to figure out if you need a lawyer or a therapist or a work coach or maybe even a boot camp sergeant to kick you into gear?

While every job situation is unique, chances are your work problem isn’t as complicated or unsolvable as you think it is. Work whispering can help you navigate a situation that has stopped you in your tracks.

Work Whispering puts you back on the path to success

  • Talk through your situation with someone who can help you sort everything out.
  • Learn about what resources are out there to help someone in your specific situation.
  • Develop an action plan to move on and leave your toxic workplace situation behind.
  • Get back on the path to success, in your career, your relationships and your life.

Maybe you just need a single session to share your story and get a reality check. Or you might need several sessions while we unravel a knotty situation that can’t be fixed overnight. I listen to your story and offer practical strategies and solutions for your toxic workplace situation. You can then focus on the plan for what’s next. If work has turned you into someone you no longer recognize, and you don’t know how to fix it, then work whispering can help.

You may not have heard of a work whisperer before, but I bet you know somebody who needs one. Ready to give it a try?